COH water increase effective April 1, 2015. Click here to view the letter from COH. District 36 will increase the water bills to compensate for the increase from COH in 2014.

Due Dates - Generally, the District's water bills are due between the 15th and the 17th of the month. If the seventeenth falls on a Saturday, the due date will be the Friday before, and if the seventeenth falls on a Sunday the due date will be on the Monday after.

IRIS Program

The District is participating in the IRIS Program with our alarm company, ADT. It is a one call notification system that can be used for emergencies and important notifications.

The District would like for everyone to please update all contact information such as phone numbers, cell numbers, and email address and to please keep them updated at all times. If you accept or want to receive text messages please indicate that feature as well.


Job Well Done

Please take a moment to share some wonderful comments from our valuable customers. They have written us to let us know they appreciate the hard work  HC&ID #36:

Bill and Barbara Anders
Daniel N. Jason

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Construction Projects for Harris County W.C.I.D. No. 36


Dear Valued Customer,


Harris County WC&ID No. 36 continues working on construction projects in Cloverleaf. The project the District is currently working on is the water storage facilities with upgrades using new advanced technology. The District has finished replacing potable water lines and 272 fire hydrants.  


The current project for sanitary sewer is smoke testing the sewer lines to locate possible service line leaks. This project will be completed in June 2016.  The next project will be Phase II of the smoke testing and will start early fall 2016. Both of these projects include upgrades at the sanitary sewer lift stations.


Our community continues to improve and grow with every project. The directors and employees greatly appreciate your continued support. Please take extra precautions in and around each of the construction zones.


Yours in service,

Billie Vasquez, General Manager


Board of Directors for Harris County W.C. & I. D. No. 36


President, Ronald S. Holder

Vice President, Ola M. Watts

Secretary, Maria Koukoulakis

Assistant Secretary, Gerardo Parra

Director, Felix "Sonny" Eddy


Water Smart Award
Water, Use it Wisely

Special Notices

Cut Off: 03/06/2017 Due Date: 02/17/17 OFFICE CLOSED: 2/20/2017


Please Help Keep Our Neighborhood Clean and Remember DUMPING IS ILLEGAL

Board Meeting Agenda

The Board of Directors will hold a Workshop meeting on February 15, 2017 @ 9:00 AM.


Suggestions or Concerns

Please feel free to report any concerns or suggestions to:

Please note that this customer service email only pertains to the Cloverleaf Subdivision in the 77015 zip code which is within Harris County.

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Mission Statement

Harris County W.C.I.D. No. 36 mission is to operate the District in a manner that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. We will maintain the District in away that protects the public health, we will ensure the financial stability of the District which benefits the entire community. Our objective is to give the best quality service to all of the respected and appreciated customers of Cloverleaf.

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